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Why Facebook as a Banker is a Brilliant Move

Google has Wallet. Then there’s PayPal and the Square and Tile and others piling into the financial services sector. But Facebook has a much smarter approach and likely doesn’t much care about the Canadian, American or European markets…they want the … Continue reading

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Russia, Ukraine, Putin & Believability in 2014

Not a few journalists these past few days have had a slightly “ironic” tone to their reporting as they lay out Russia’s formal messaging around the Ukraine crisis underway. Russia, via Putin and his diplomatic and media cadre have issued … Continue reading

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What Is Digital Diplomacy?

The concept of “digital diplomacy” is still quite new, but in Internet years might be considered not so new! Our view is that generally, the concept of what it is, it’s value and purpose, are still being defined. What we … Continue reading

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Diaspora Groups & Digital Diplomacy

Diaspora communities can and are playing a role in Digital Diplomacy. In conflict situations, trade issues and other international relations activities. We put forward that they will become increasingly important in this area in the future. Digital Diaspora In Conflict … Continue reading

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