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Why Facebook as a Banker is a Brilliant Move

Google has Wallet. Then there’s PayPal and the Square and Tile and others piling into the financial services sector. But Facebook has a much smarter approach and likely doesn’t much care about the Canadian, American or European markets…they want the … Continue reading

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What The Nuland Case Says About Russia and eDiplomacy

No doubt that after the Nuland case last week in the Ukraine and Russia’s posting of the audio on YouTube, the halls of the State Department in Washington are simmering. While in the Kremlin they are grinning. But what does … Continue reading

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eDiplomacy & The Sovereign State of Facebook?

There have been more than a few comments and quips made by pundits on the topic of “if Facebook were a country..” But perhaps, in some ways, it is a bit of a sovereign state, a Cyber State if you … Continue reading

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Governments & Social Media Monitoring: Spying or Learning?

Ever since the Snowden affair on the NSA and the subsequent revelations, there has been a lot of questions raised on how much spying is too much.┬áBut the elephant in the communications closet or a gorilla in the WiFi router … Continue reading

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The Legacy Factor In eDiplomacy Messages

It’s not a topic I’ve found any discussion around as of this posting (put a link in the comment section if you know of one) and that is the legacy of online content. As in once it’s out there, you … Continue reading

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Diaspora Groups & Digital Diplomacy

Diaspora communities can and are playing a role in Digital Diplomacy. In conflict situations, trade issues and other international relations activities. We put forward that they will become increasingly important in this area in the future. Digital Diaspora In Conflict … Continue reading

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Thinking Beyond Twitter for eDiplomacy

The pundits define the use of Twitter for diplomatic communications as “twiplomacy”, clever, certainly and much better than “twerking.” Based on our past and current research, Twitter is the primary, international social media channel of choice and engagement by diplomats, … Continue reading

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