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What Journalists & Politicians in Canada Misunderstand About Twitter

Via the CBC’s The National the other night, they discussed Twitter and it’s use by politicians and journalists in Canada. Just Twitter. Like it was a single, solitary, lonely social media channel, the only channel. A separate comment aired by … Continue reading

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SoundCloud Enters The Fray As A Citizen Voice Tool

The Canadian province of Quebec is in a provincial election right now. A key battle in the war of perceptions is the media and Liberals pushing the “separation” issue, that the Partis Quebecois if taking a majority government, will pursue … Continue reading

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Russia, Ukraine, Putin & Believability in 2014

Not a few journalists these past few days have had a slightly “ironic” tone to their reporting as they lay out Russia’s formal messaging around the Ukraine crisis underway. Russia, via Putin and his diplomatic and media cadre have issued … Continue reading

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eDiplomacy & The Sovereign State of Facebook?

There have been more than a few comments and quips made by pundits on the topic of “if Facebook were a country..” But perhaps, in some ways, it is a bit of a sovereign state, a Cyber State if you … Continue reading

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Big Data for Big Diplomacy

In 2012, German complex systems scientist Tobias Preis with colleagues used Google Trends to show how Internet users from countries with a higher per capita gross domestic product (GDP) are more likely to search for information about the future than information about … Continue reading

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What Is Digital Diplomacy?

The concept of “digital diplomacy” is still quite new, but in Internet years might be considered not so new! Our view is that generally, the concept of what it is, it’s value and purpose, are still being defined. What we … Continue reading

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Thinking Beyond Twitter for eDiplomacy

The pundits define the use of Twitter for diplomatic communications as “twiplomacy”, clever, certainly and much better than “twerking.” Based on our past and current research, Twitter is the primary, international social media channel of choice and engagement by diplomats, … Continue reading

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