There’s always a new project idea percolating amongst the team at Envoy Centre. Our projects are, for the most part, crowdsourced. Volunteers submit their idea and then either pursue it alone or with other members who want to join in. Let us know if you’d like to participate.

Some of the current and planned projects underway are;

  1. Annual Digital Diplomacy Report: An analysis of which governments around the world are most active in social media, the channels they use and their “ranking” in the world. Planned to be an annual report with bi-annual updates. Planned to release in March 2014.
  2. Anonymous & Digital Diplomacy: The role the group Anonymous plays, or might play, in international affairs. Spring 2014 is the planned report date.
  3. Crisis Mappers & Digital Diplomacy: What is the role and impact of crisis mapping via crowdsourced volunteer services in a natural or manmade disaster? Good, bad, indifferent or effective? Report date for late May 2014.

If you have an interest in joining us or helping with the analysis of social media on one of these topics, let us know. Contact: giles-dot-crouch-at-envoyglobal-dot-com (spelling that out because we really don’t want the spam!


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